USASJ Story Project- Nov 23 NORTH

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  1. Hey Nancy!

    First off for your questions…!. you get started however you can, some through family ties, friends, for me it was the love of speed and jumping off things. 2. Up there can be the scariest or most blissful place, most exciting or nerve-racking, ski-jumping is so mental that your feelings "up there" can change jump to jump. 3. As for flying, I'm usually so focused on my precise take-off movements that it takes a split second to feel like I'm "Flying" but as soon as I feel it, I know how the jumps going to go and each flight is different

    p.s. I took my first overseas trip at age 13 with a group of athletes/coaches from fox river grove, IL and we all ended up climbing+ jumping off the floating stage into the water-filled bowl

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