1. Jeff is correct that Rolf was a great alpine skier and his father was a doctor in the Hanover area who moved with his family to San Diego when Rolf was in junior high or high school. Rolf was also a very talented jumper during his elementary school days. He is a great guy. I wish he had been able to continue jumping as he is clearly a talented athlete… who became a field goal/extra point kicker for San Diego in the late 70’s, who became very ill for a couple of years then returned to the game in the 80s to become the San Diego high point scorer by the time he left the game. I met up with him again in the mid-80s on a flight from Washington DC to San Diego…

    The picture is from the 1966 Ford Sayre Winter Carnival ski jumping event… from left to right by row 5th, 3rd, 1st, 2nd, 4th by age group… thus confirming Rolf won the 10-11 year old age group.

    I met Jan Stenerud in Berlin, New Hampshire at the 1972 National Championship. If I’m not mistaken Stenerud, also a field goal kicker (Kansas City Chiefs?), held the NFL record for the longest field goal at one time.
    Walter Malmquist

  2. Benirshke's wiki bio doesn't mention skiing but I figured it had to be him. Can't be a lot of Rolf Benirshkes in the world.
    Walter; Yes, Jan Stenerud kicked for the Chiefs for many years but we claim him as a Green Bay Packer here in Wisconsin as he played for the Packers for a few years. We tend to overlook (forgive?) his time with the Minnesota Vikings. Probably felt at home with the Norwegians. The Green Bay side of the state tends to other ethnic groups. Glad he stayed as long as he did.

    Jan Stenerud is the only place kicker in the football hall of fame. Must be a great athlete and by all accounts, a pretty great guy.
    Tom Govin

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