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  1. Henry Hanson did his flip at the BHSC tournament when I was about ten years old. We had a ring of fire on the takeoff and they built it out about four feet. He practiced doing it at Hoyt Park a few nights before. I was in awe of the guy, for that week anyhow. I loved it because I would take the built out track he used which gave me some air! I don't recall that he ever stood a single ride but it didn't matter. It was quite a daring thing to do.

    During the break at the middle of the BHSC tournament Bill Duckwitz would put on a dress, strap on a ladies hat and wig and scurry to the top with the announcer shouting, "Get that old lady off the tower!" He would hurry to slap on the bindings and away he would go. There would be an old truck at the end of the outrun and he would jump off the skis, throw them in the back and then speed away up the hill. He was a pretty good actor. It was a hoot. Wish I had a picture of that!

    The good old days.

    Dave Norby
    Eau Claie, WI

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