USANS Story Project 10-DEC-2015 BREEN

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  1. 12/11/15 email from John Fulton-

    Hi Jeff and Mark,
    An interesting coincidence occurred yesterday. My son Patrick, who I coached while at Concord High School, was in Hong Kong at the CineAsia Conference this past week. He produces movie trailers for several of the major movie companies in LA. The company that filmed the Eddie the Eagle movie was doing an early showing of the completed film to conference members. Patrick, of course, was extremely interested in seeing this film which was shown on 12/10. His review was positive, in the way that the movie Cool Runnings was fun to watch. He said that they did a good job of including numerous things that made the movie "real" for him, especially the fear of being at the top of a new and much larger jump. His one complaint was that the stunt doubles were jumping on modern skis and bindings, not our old heavy skis with cable bindings. He did mention that there is a chance that the release of the movie may be delayed as they look for to a better time for its release. 2018 and the Olympics would be the best time, but Patrick says that is too far away. They made the movie too soon.

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