Mark Levasseur – December 5th, 2021


  1. Gina Grady

    Those experiences With your dad, I’m sure is what made you such a Level head individual, and not the Kind of Man that’s Always trying to one up someone,
    The Fact that your dad could balance such a Competitive Career and have the Drive to do so well and still run a Healthy Home life ❤️ , is really something to be Marveled at !
    The Articles that document his HARD Work for History of this Sport, to Always be able to Look back on ,Must make his Sons More than POUD.
    The FACT to be Related to such a LEGACY and to have a SON (Mark Levasseur) also as
    COMMITTED to the SPORT, who has Flown All
    Over the World to JUGDE PROFESSIONAL
    COMPETITION, is Making the Family Proud !
    That Dad’s LEGACY is still Alive and WELL in a SPORT he was PASSIONATE ABOUT.

    1. Mark Levasseur

      So kind of you. One of the nicest things anyone has written about me and my Dad. Can’t thank you enough…

  2. USA Nordic Sport

    Thank you for the kind words❤️

  3. I remember your dad from many jumping tournaments in the eastern states in the 1950s and early 60s. I saw your last name with this story and wondered if there was a connection. As a junior, I skied out of Salisbury, CT (SWSA) and later for the University of new Hampshire. I knew some of the other eastern class A Jumpers – I especially remember Roy Sherwood, Art Devlin and Art Tokle.
    I’m glad you got into judging. I live near Vancouver, BC now, and I ran into Art Tokle Jr., who was judging at Whistler Olympic park, around 2010. That was cool; I remembered him from when he was competing as a junior jumper in the age group below mine.
    Thanks for the story. It brought back memories.

  4. George Malanson

    Thanks, Mark. I remember your dad not only jumping but putting in a lot of time, summer and winter, maintaining the jump in Lancaster with my dad. Those were different days when people would come from all over to a 30-m hill! We used that jump for practice for another year or two after the last competition there (which may have been the one in your first newspaper clipping). Now there are houses where the outrun was.
    I loved going to Bear Mountain and jumping on the kid’s hill with Art, Jr. and Hans Strand in the early 60’s (I did get to the ‘big’ 50-m? hill later, ‘71?) and then put in a lot of hours on bad roads around New England in high school and college.
    For Bill Perry – I have to say that the scariest thing I ever did skiing was to climb up the trestle at Salisbury.
    Go USA Nordic!

    1. Mark Levasseur

      So kind of you. One of the nicest things anyone has written about me and my Dad. Can’t thank you enough…

    2. Marklevasseur

      Georgie! Can I write that?
      Omg…I have great memories of you and your dad Ernie. How can I get in touch with you??

    3. Mark Levasseur

      Hi George! I remember you well…I remember they would call you Georgie?
      My first jump was at Mount Wachusett on your jumping ski’s. They were blue with a red stripe down
      the middle. Your dad took 2 or 3 birch logs to make a jump. I probably went 2 feet but, I remember it
      vividly! I was about 6 or 7.
      It would be nice to talk to you. My dad would always regret not keeping in touch with your folks.
      My email is and phone number is 617-388-0203

      Warm regards,


  5. Mark Levasseur

    Georgie! I remember you !
    This is amazing…I would love to catch up with you. I honestly have thought a lot about your dad…
    My cell is 617-388-0203
    Sincerely, Mark

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