Despite perfect weather, huge crowds, USA Nordic suffers the loss of Nina Lussi for the Olympic season.


  1. Jennifer Tuthill

    Nina, we have followed your progress over the years through my connection via Icelandic horses and your mom, and my family’s strong nordic ties. We so looked forward to watching you this past weekend and are proud of all you and your teammates have done as athletes to promote women’s ski jumping worldwide. Bravo to you, brave courageous athlete- NEVER give up, you will be back. We will be looking for you in the results ahead. Heal well.
    (From a follower you don’t even know!)

  2. Mike Collin

    So sorry Nina yet so proud of you! Your an amazing athlete that will put this behind you an continue to strive toward excellence. The north country loves you! Speedy recovery and some warm kiting for rehab.

  3. Sarah Findlay

    Nina you know the Findlay’s have been rooting for you since this all began!! I am sure you’ll bounce back quickly ….. God Speed !! ❤️

  4. Frank Johns

    You make me proud. Recover and get back to your form.
    Frank Johns

  5. Cathy Blazer

    Heartbroken for you Nina. Heartbroken for the US women’s team. You will come back and represent the US again and we are so proud that you come from Lake Placid!

  6. Sherry

    Wishing you speedy recovery. Met your mom at Thor Icelandics and have enjoyed her posts about you. We have admired your courage and compassion to fly with skis!

  7. Karen Penning

    Get well soon, Nina.

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