1. Wow. David. So fun to see what you were doing before I knew you..ill bet you were a great skier..thanks fo r sharing! Love Judy

    1. Wow David I did not know you in those days. Very impressive….loved the story?

  2. Lytle Williams

    Are you the Nordic skier who in the off-season I would see on skis with wheels on the paved roadways around the Mount Hermon campus circa ‘62? I remember so many saying Dave Rikert was the future of American Nordic skiing

    1. David Rikert

      Yes, indeed. And those were ‘primitive’ skiis on wheels compared to what I see folks using today.

      I was extremely fortunate to have a wonderful experience with skiing on through my Williams years. I made a difficult choice in 1966 to continue in college rather than focus entirely on skiing. No regrets across these many years … but I was certainly significantly shaped by the experiences I had and people I met through skiing.

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