Dave Norby – December 21st, 2020


  1. Wow! That’s a great story. Shows the power of sport (especially this one). That patch you have is priceless.

  2. Jim Balfanz

    Dave Norby’s story about being so close to a medal, reminded me of how the US Nordic Team (at that time we were all under “one roof”), consisting of Men’s Jumping, Nordic Combined, Ladies Cross Country, and the Men’s Cross Country teams.

    I was sitting in the then Denver office of the USSA/US Ski teams when Evelyn Masbruch, the executive Secretary buzzed me to say that Walter Mondale, the Vice President is on the line.

    Walter opened our conversation with some platitudes, and then got to the point of his call. He asked why I hadn’t responded to the telegrams from the USSR ski Federation inviting our team (although it was to be a small group of us) to participate in a competition in the Soviet Union.

    I responded; I couldn’t answer something I never received. He was shocked to learn that I had not received the several telegrams inviting us, and that I was putting our schedule for the upcoming season together and would like to have us participate in the USSR.

    In only two days, in came a telegram delivered to our ski team office with the invitation.

    To be truthful, the sequence of that scenario never entered my mind until much later, when an amazing revelation was made after our team became the first US team to “go behind the Iron Curtain” into the Soviet Union.

    But, that’s for another story.

    It was the most “interesting” trip I ever had with our team, and I believe that to be true for the rest of our members.
    Jim Balfanz,
    Nordic Program Director
    1970 – 1975

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