Chris Hastings – December 17th, 2021

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  1. Dennis McGrane

    Great story Chris! To be honest, I never knew how the LP big hill got packed. We would all arrive in December for the World cup and it was snowed….always perfect, like Fran’s hair…. like Elvis.

    Thank you for making the tribute to the great packers of the world. Out west, Steamboat we had Gordy Wren Jr. who would run what we called the “whacker packer,” a roller packer that looked like a steamboat wheel. There was a cable in the jump that was operated remotely while Gordy would pull and tug the whacker packer into place for its next gravity plunge down the landing hill where it would pound the air out of the foot or two of powder that fell each night. There certainly was an art to packing. Thank you Fran and Gordy!

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