Steve Sydow – December 7th, 2021


  1. Greg

    Big Chester looks more like a ski flying hill than K50! Nice story Steve.

  2. Patrick Kruegel

    What an unforgettable memory for you Steve!
    I miss seeing the tower of the Big Chester sticking way above the trees on the way up to the UoM Duluth dorms.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bob Averill

    Great story Steve!

  4. Steve, I can remember as a young lad going to our church in Gary Duluth, St. George Serbian Orthodox. After the service and maybe coffee and donuts my father then brought me to Big Chester to watch the jumpers. We would stay there for hours watching. This amazed me then and still does as I am watching the olympics on TV today. I do salute you Steve with your accomplishments. Nice story my friend.
    Michael G. Okash

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