Scott Halvorson – December 28th, 2020


  1. Phillip Brown

    VERY nice indeed, Scott! Thanks for this wonderful display of yesteryear–and for your knowledge of your grandfather and others from back then.

    Phil Brown

    1. Thank you Phil!

  2. Elsa Johnson

    Oh this is wonderful!!! Was wondering if my father Mylo Johnson, would have been in the Juniors photograph taken in 1929, he would have been 7 years old. He was a big Nordic ski jumper in his day and told many a story of jumping from the Nansen ski jump competitions. He even had his old wooden skis and boots that he had kept. I miss xc skiing with him at the old Nansen xc ski center that was up on Success Rd back when he was in his 80’s no less! Thanks for posting this, love, love the history of the Scandinavians.

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