Ronen Woods – December 11th, 2021


  1. Walter Malmquist

    WOW!!! Great story about a fabulous project… well told!

    Inspiration to identify and accomplish a most worthy mission that led to Ronen’s dedication that in turn led to Ronen’s perseverance as well as community inspiration and participation. AWESOME!

    I’m certain that COVID didn’t make things easier even though Ronen tells us that it inspired him to think about different ways and means to accomplish the mission. Congratulations to Ronen and his community.

  2. Dennis McGrane

    I hear ya Wammy! I love the nexis between scouting and ski-jumping; keep building on that.
    I can see your scouting jumping buddies jumping in to build some Adirondack chairs for the older spectators as their Eagle projects. Way to figure out a way to make it all work. Its all about compromise to sell an idea…well done indeed!

  3. Erica

    It is functional and a good looking fence. I’m so impressed with your persistence and the way you brought people together. Well done Ronen.

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