Maddy Zuckerman – December 27th, 2021


  1. Tom Calcagni

    Great story Maddy! Good luck in your journey!! I hope to hear more good things from you!!!

  2. Dennis McGrane

    I love it….real confidence built on real-life experience. See Maddy, it’s just one step at a time and we all take a step back down every once in awhile in whatever we do. K-32 today, K-33 tomorrow….enjoy the climb!

  3. Tim Denisson

    Neat story miss zuckerWOman …enjoyable and perceptive beyond your years. In college you might be a candidate to enrichen the Sports Psychology department And…isn’t it great to have a brother❤️Timo

  4. Karen Delaney

    Great insight, perspective and goal Maddy!! . I always tell people that try the jumps, your whole life you can say you did it, and it’s a fun conversation starter, people are impressed, as they should be. And this courage and determination will take you far in life. All the best!

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