Dan Bell – December 21st, 2021


  1. Dennis McGrane

    Great story and photos. They evoke so many memories, not just about cross country skiing, but of the jumpers in the photo including Ahern, Zdechlik, and Palmer. We tried without luck to restore the jumps in Frisco many years ago to no avail. Thanks Dan!

  2. Mark

    Great story Dan. We had a ton of fun and success!

  3. craig snyder

    I remember that Shrine Pass trip and many other crazy “workouts” that Mattson and Giber put us through. Made us the men (and women) we are today. Thanks for the memories. Craig (snag) Snyder Miss you Zeke!

  4. Steven Gaskill

    What a great group and a great program. Lots of memories with members of that group.

    Thanks Dan

  5. Laurie Anderson

    Thanks for the laughs! Those were the days weren’t they?! We were all so adorable in our ski team photo.❤️

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