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  1. Jeff Hastings

    This email came from Rick Berquist… I wanted to share. Thanks, Rick!

    Without doubt, one of the best stories out there. Brings back memories of doing same on the Fond du Lac (Duluth) jump in the early 60’s. Days after the last meet, my friend Tom and I prepped? the K70 and had our first jumps on same. Neither had ridden anything larger than a 40, and I had to SET the track. My specialty was downhill, hence the track setting honor…also, we were a couple of VERY marginal jumpers. It was getting dark and there was no turning back. Nobody died and we each landed further than the other at points WAY down the hill. We enshrined ourselves and competed there the following year, naturally, nowhere near our earlier distances. The older we got, the better we were. The love of the sport and the thrills provided, coupled with the fellowship of hundreds of solid families and individuals, make this sport what it is. Thanks for the great coverage.

    Rick Bergquist

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