Chip Henry – December 15th, 2021


  1. John Fulton

    Great story Chip!


    Now that is Ski Jumper memory building 101. Great story Chip

  3. Fantastic story Chip! I wasn’t expecting that delightful ending. What a climax!

  4. Timo

    Chip. I didn’t get to go to Roveriniemi when World Masters was there a handful of years ago. I always liked Finland. It’s people. Many friends. Nilo Halomen. Seppo Toivonen. Yrki Salstom. Ano Kirronen. Paavo Lykirenieni. Tauno Kahyko. Matti…kitos for the pictures and wonderful story that I had to share with my wife, Patty. She liked the surprise ending of course. A story way below zero. But a story way high in scores from the Nordic judges Timo Denisson

  5. Antti Niemelä

    Great story Chip, which is taking me back in time! If you did write a book about all ski-jumnping related experiences, the saga would be amazing. I consider my self really fortunate as I have had change to participate that journey and get to know You and your family and all the great people at the US ski-jumping community. All the best!

    ps. If you do write the book, you do not need share all the experiences 🙂

  6. Kristin Petersen

    What a fantastic story. Good for you, for seizing the opportunity to live abroad in your youth! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Larry Stone

    Awesome story, Chip
    Hopefully that’s a leap you will never come down from!

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